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Gym Description


Jungle Boy Boxing Gym is a place youth can learn the art of boxing a long with character building life lessons. All of our boxing coaches are USA Boxing certified and have a strong back ground and understanding of teaching the art of boxing. Collectively we seek to instruct our boxers to live a healthy life and learn boxing correctly from the beginning. A list of our coaches can be seen below.

The gym is composed of a boxing ring and various punching bags. Most of what we teach only requires the willingness to learn and push past your comfort levels. We offer competition boxing for amateur boxers and professional boxers. There are fitness classes available for those that don’t want to compete, but rather benefit from the workout instead. Boxing is the best way to get into incredible shape and learn a useful skill at the same time. 

Jungle Boy Boxing Gym is concerned with the rising problems that young people face today. If your son or daughter is getting bullied we’d like to help them learn to defend themselves. If you know of anyone that could benefit from learning basic self defense we are the place for them. Learning to box will do wonders for a person’s self confidence. We also require all that participate in our program to sign a drug free commitment. Along this line we also hold those that attend our gym to a healthy standard of living. No glorifying the party life will be tolerated.

At Jungle Boy Boxing Gym we are committed to teaching the art of boxing. We see boxing as an elite martial art that focuses on using fists as self-defense tools. Through competition young people can learn to properly use the skills in a practical way. We teach boxing as a way of life. No just something you do.


List of Coaches


Zach Walters: Zach manages and oversees the gym. He is in charge of the competition boxing team and competition boxing class. Zach Walters has 14 years of competition boxing experience. Six years as an amateur boxer and eight years as a professional boxer. Under the guidance and coaching from Chuck Horton, Zach Walters was an Upper Midwest Golden Gloves Champion and a 5-Time National competition participant as an Amateur. Professionally Zach Walters won the Minnesota State Champion, the NABA-US Light Heavyweight Title and the WBC-ABU Light Heavyweight Title. In the late years of his career he was ranked as high as 12 in the world and consistently in the top 5 boxers in the US.  Zach Walter is a Level II USA Boxing coach and has been an active coach since 2010. 

Chuck HortonChuck has many years of experience from training top level professional boxers and amateur boxers. Chuck Horton was the long time owner of Horton’s Gym and stepped away to hand the gym over to Zach Walters. Chuck Horton is a master of motivation and knows very well the art of building self confidence.He enjoys the challenge of turning a young person with average skills into a young man with elite capabilities. Chuck Horton is best known for bringing professional boxing back to the Twin Ports and guiding countless young people men to the right path in life.

Jack O’BrienJack is a master of the boxing fundamentals. He is best known for changing the boxing style of Zach Walters prior to Zach Walters reaching his highest accolades in the ring. He has more experience coaching boxing than anyone you will come across. Jack O’Brien specializes in critiquing the finer points in the art of boxing. He uses a refined technique of fixing one punch at a time till the complete picture is there.

Bob “Bing Bang” PritzBob Pritz is from the old school. He boxed a short amateur boxing career, but found his passion as a coach following years and has never stopped passing on the basics of boxing. Bob is better known as “Bing Bang” due to his emphasis on throwing a crisp jab before landing a right hand. He will say “You have to land that double jab then a hard right hand; Bing, Bing, Bang!!” And that’s how he got his nickname. Bing Bang is great with teaching new boxers on the bag as they learn to apply their skills. Over the years Bing Bang as become a fixture in the gym and it would be hard to imagine the gym without him.

Mike BockovichMike is our newest coach, but he’s no stranger to boxing. As an amateur boxer he was a two time Upper Midwest Golden Gloves Champion and had over 50 fights on his resume. Mike Bockovich stresses the importance of discipline in training and the value of a good work ethic. He will join Zach Walters as one of the traveling competition coaches that accompanies the team on road trips.

Classes Available


Competition Class


The competition class is composed of boxers from all ages. Most of them range from 10 to 25 years old. The focus on this class is to build a team of strong competent boxers capable of competing in tournaments. 

Once these boxers are ready to compete they travel around the surrounding states to gain the competition experience needed to join tournaments. For junior boxers under 17 years old there is the Silver Gloves Tournament and the Junior Olympics Tournament. For senior boxers there is the USA Tournament and the Golden Gloves Tournament. There are also open national tournaments that we attend. The Ringside World Championships Tournament is one of them. The Ringside World Championships is an open tournament for all ages and levels of competition. 

The basic goal of the competition boxing class is to teach what hard work and dedication along with healthy living can do for a person. The goal is to maximize the experience potential of the boxers so they can go as far as they desire in boxing. There are so many levels to boxing and competition is the best way to see how far someone can go.


The Art of Boxing Class


The Art of Boxing classes are geared toward those that want benefit from the training part of boxing, but have no desire to compete. The fitness benefits of boxing surpass every recreational sport out there. There’s no comparison. Boxers are some of the best conditioned athletes on the planet and this is where it’s done; in the gym. Don’t fool yourself if you think these classes are easy. They’re not. You will be pushed as hard as any fighter in boxing. You just don’t compete. If you like a fitness challenge, but don’t have the desire to compete, this is the place for you.


Jungle Boy Boxing Mission Statements


Bullying has always been a problem, but has recently gotten more attention as the local schools have become more crowded. At Jungle Boy Boxing Gym we teach basic self defense and self-confidence. We see the need and want to do our part to help. If you  know of a kid getting bullied we would like to help.

In 2012 Jungle Boy Boxing Gym started the “Boxing/Combat Sports Drug Free Commitment”. The goal of this was to start taking charge of our sphere of influence in the community and combat drug use. None of has to think long, or look far, to understand that drugs are a dead end road and a problem that needs to be fought. We require that all those that join our gym read and sign the drug free commitment. We then hold them to it. There will be no glorifying of part life in our gym.


Sponsorship Opportunities at Jungle Boy Boxing Gym


The goal of Jungle Boy Boxing Gym is doing our part to make the community a better place through doing our part in the Twin Ports. We would someday like our gym to be a free for all young people to join. There are some boxers that attend the gym that cannot pay for their membership. We are looking for people to sponsor the gym by covering the membership cost of a kid. If we can get enough support in this way, we can reach more kids. The long term goal of Jungle Boy Boxing Gym is to have a place open all day for youth to train and get support to live a good life.

We host a season of local boxing shows that can be sponsored as a season ticket holder. The local events give the young boxers an opportunity to compete in front of their family and friends to show them their hard work in the gym. The boxing season is a long running event in the Twin Ports and there’s always something new. These events cost a bit to host so the season ticket sponsors are the #1 way we fund these events. 

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