Training Tomorrow’s Champions


In boxing there are times when a fighter puts all his skills and abilities together and finds his style. Jesse Walters has put it all together and in his last three fights shined brighter than ever before.

First he avenged a tough a loss from last November to Cody Sullivan who is a veteran amateur boxer with more than 50 fights to his resume. In February, they rematched in front of Sullivan’s crowd which gave even more pressure to the matter. Jesse attacked with relentless combinations to score a one sided victory and in the process won the Outstanding Boxer Award for the show.

Next Jesse faced the 2016 South Dakota State Silver Gloves Champ, Brett Bring Plenty. Here again showed skills beyond his years in the ring. Jesse used angles, fast hands, and natural agility to seal the deal. There were 26 bouts that night and Jesse took home the “Best Boxer Trophy” for his performance.

Then the following week, Jesse rematched another top boxer, Freddy Perez.  Freddy was the 2015 Ringside World champion and when they boxed the first time Freddy took the win in a close fight. In the rematch, Jesse used fast punches in powerful combinations to seal the victory in vicious performance. This night Jesse earned “Fight of the Night” honors.

These accomplishments come as a byproduct of living “The Way of The Champion”. This is an invisible mindset that produces results we can see. Everyday Jesse is in the gym training to get better. Each time he competes he is at a new level of his personal best. Each fight is an opportunity to grow and learn. The win or loss isn’t important. What’s important is always competing at his best. In doing so he continues to mold into a complete boxer capable of earning the awards he’s earned in his last three fights.