Sponsorship Letter for Jungle Boy Boxing Gym

Jungle Boy Boxing Gym
Zach Walters: Executive Director
Phone: 218-940-8927
Email: zacharywalters81@gmail.com

To whom it may concern,

Jungle Boy BoxingI am writing you today to seek your financial support for Jungle Boy Boxing Gym, a 501-c3 youth organization. Your funding will go to maintaining the equipment in the gym and provide a positive environment for area youth. The mission of Jungle Boy Boxing Gym is to help young people by teaching the art of boxing. Our program will help prevent young people who are being bullied, struggling with drugs, who have self-esteem problems, or is simply a kid on edge. We currently serve around 40-50 kids a year at Jungle Boy Boxing Gym, your sponsorship money will go towards paying for youth that can’t afford to pay monthly dues. Many of the boxers at Jungle Boy Boxing Gym fall under this category. Not only that, but to maintain a gym capable of growing champions we need help with travel costs to get the kids experience.
Three ways you can help:

  • Become a Corporate Sponsor

Corporate Sponsorships: $1000 +. Funding will be used to help boxers with tournament travel and other needs associated with competition.

  • Sponsor a Boxer

Sponsoring a boxer is $50 a month or $600 a year. This covers the membership of one of our boxers. These funds pay the bills at the gym.

  • Simple Donation (Any Amount)

We are not picky. If you can help in any way we will take it and greatly appreciate it.

More about Jungle Boy Boxing Gym:

We have been around since 2011 and grown into a fully functioning organization capable of making a lasting impact in the Twin Ports. We require all participants in our program to be drug free. Starting in 2012 Jungle Boy Boxing Gym started the “Drug Free Commitment” signature book. The drug free commitment is an ethos requiring all boxers that participate in our program to live drug free lives. We now have over 9+ pages, front and back, of single spaced lines of names that have made a commitment to live Drug Free lives. It’s a good start!

We offer a couple varieties of classes at Jungle Boy Boxing Gym. One class is for competition boxers. It’s filled with young athletes gunning to learn boxing and chase dreams in the ring. The focus here is teaching the art of boxing so the young boxers have the skills to compete and go as far as they want with boxing. The other boxing classes focus on the health benefits from boxing. In these classes, young people are taught the art of boxing from a healthy living stand point. There is no emphasis on competition for these members. Both classes teach the art of boxing and stress the importance of healthy living.

In 2014 we saw some of the second and third year boxers mature into tournament ready boxers. Getting to this point is a big step for them and a big step for the gym. The tournament boxers make up a team within Jungle Boy Boxing Gym called “Tomorrow’s Champions”. The goal of Tomorrow’s Champions is to enter tournaments all over the nation and possibly the world. Tournament boxing is one of the most exciting aspects of amateur boxing and teaches the rewards of hard work. Already in 2015 we have one boxer that made it to the national level. We hope that in years to come we have a consistent team presence at the national level.

Jungle Boy Boxing Gym has also started building partnerships in the community with organizations who have shared goals to help youth. DPAL (Duluth Police Activities League), YMCA, Neighborhood Youth Services, and Life House (a safe harbor for at risk youth) have become good partners with a shared mission. Together we hope to enhance the lives of young people in our area. One kid set on the right track can have a monumental, compounding, impact in our area.

We are excited for what 2015 holds for us and grateful for the good years we’ve had that brought us to this point. With your help, we hope to increase the impact Jungle Boy Boxing Gym has on our area’s youth. Thanks for your support.


Zach Walters