Ringside Wrap Up: We Win or We Learn

2016 Ringside World Championships Recap:

“We don’t lose… We either win or we learn.” … I read that quote on the back of a coach’s t-shirt and I couldn’t agree more. To survive in the arena of competition a boxer needs learn regardless of the outcome. In the process of gaining valuable experience our boxers will always come out winners.

Devin White boxed today in the finals and put in a solid attempt at the title. His opponent, Cross Beaulieo, had quite a bit of national caliber experience and natural size, but that didn’t deter Devin from applying his game plan and giving a worthy challenge. In the end the decision went the other way. Good fight though! Coming home with a silver medal is huge!

As for the other boxers, each of them had good take aways as well. Jesse Walters and Simon Walters both boxed their way to the semifinals and lost fights to the eventual champions. Jesse won two fights in to get there and Simon won his first fight. It was great experience for them to complete two or more days in a row. This experience will help them greatly in the future as they continue to participate in tournament boxing.

Evan Wrazidlo didn’t get past the first round of the tournament, but trained every day he was out here. His biggest take away is that he just needs to do a little extra in the daily training. All of his fights at nationals have been close so the difference will be made by improving details and putting in a little extra work in preparing for tournaments. This year he’s boxed three times at the national level!!! This is impressive on many levels! It’s a big stride in his overall development and he continues to get better every time he competes.

As coaches, Coach Bocko and I learned a great deal as well. We worked great as a coaching team during the tournament. Seeing the success of our young boxing team at the national level was validating. We learned more about how to guide our boxers through their fights and keep them mentally ready to compete.

This has been a big week for the Tomorrow’s Champions Team. The kids are definitely taking steps toward becoming champion caliber boxers. The title of being a champion is a reflection of continued perseverance outside the ring. It a way of life. These kids a learning “the way of the champion.”

Thanks for the support over the year!