Local News Covers Jungle Boy Boxing Gym Boxers

“Zach Walters has always been a very systematic strategist. It’s nice to see him bring his attention to detail into his coaching philosophy as well. Very impressive on how these young men have prepared for their toughest challenge to date.”
– Chuck Horton

Training camp for National Junior Olympics wraps up this week for Jesse Walters and Evan Wrazidlo. They fly down to Dallas, TX this Saturday along with their coach, Zach Walters.

“Both the boys look top notch and show the skills needed to be national caliber boxer. For this training camp, I implemented many of the coaching strategies Chuck Horton used to get me ready for my big fights in the pros. Jesse and Evan responded well to the higher standards of training and next week they’ll put it all to good use. I’m proud of them for how hard they’ve worked to prepare for the JO’s.”

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Walters, Wrazidlo Prep for Junior Olympics

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