Junior Olympic Nationals is next for Jesse Walters and Evan Wrazidlo

We’re excited to see these talented young athletes making huge strides toward their goals. We couldn’t be more proud. – Chuck Horton, boxing coach & promoter

060716picBoth Jesse Walters and Evan Wrazidlo will advance to box in the nationals for Junior Olympics. They put in the gym work to earn the right to advance to nationals, but last weekend their skills were not called upon. They were unopposed at the 4-State tournament in Racine, WI. This was a shock as both compete in popular weight classes for their age. Either way, they were ready to fight and had their minds set on advancing to nationals. This is a major break through for the boys and reinforces their decision to live a life worthy of becoming a champion.

In 2014 the boys signed a commitment contract with Jungle Boy Boxing Gym to become the first members of an elite boxing team called “Tomorrow’s Champions”. Tomorrow’s Champions is a tournament competition team and since signed up Jesse Walters and Evan Wrazidlo have excelled in their boxing careers.

Both Jesse and Evan are at their personal best and train each day to expand their skills. The goal is to compete at the national level on a consistent basis. The whole motto of the Tomorrow’s Champions is to challenge the best in tournament competitions to become the best. Both have made it through to the National Silver Gloves and now they will take a trip together to the National Junior Olympics Tournament in Dallas, TX.

Just three short weeks to go and they will be in Dallas, TX putting their best efforts forward to become national champions.

Pictured here is a contrast photo of Jesse Walters and Evan Wrazidlo from the 2015 JO 4-State Tournament where each earned runner up accolades in tough fights and a photo from matches recently this year. In 2015 Jesse entered the JO’s at 110lbs and Evan entered at 125lbs. For the 2016 JO Tournament Jesse entered at 125lbs and Evan at 154lbs. Both boxers have grown in size, +15 lbs and +30 lbs respectively, but more importantly they’ve also grown in there boxing ability.

In the last year they’ve learned a lot about perseverance and dedication to their goals. These lessons are not only good for boxing, but great life skills too. That’s what it’s all about. These lessons are learned through the results of competition. There’s takeaways from both winning and losing. Each result teaches a kid about what he’s got inside… The intangible strengths that come out as they push themselves to new highs.

This is the art of boxing and its a way of life.