Jungle Boy Boxing Gym goes 3-0 in Marshfield, WI.

A successful weekend trip to Marshfield, Wisconson brings home three winners!

First fight was Jesse Walters who set the tone in a thriller of a rematch with Cody Sullivan of Wisconsin Rapids. Jesse pressed the action from bell to bell, every round of the fight and landed crippling body shots.

The second round was his best when he gave Cody an 8-count from a bartering in center ring. At the end of the show Jesse took home the outstanding boxer award!!! Next up was Devin White who boxed Payton Young, a home town kid from Marshfield. Payton started fast, but Devin took control of the fight and landed punishing counter punches. Each round was a back and forth battle and in the end we knew the decision was close. Devin got the win!

The final fight featured Danny Huffman in the Main Event. He boxed Brett Thompson, who was also a hometown kid from Marshfield. Danny took control of the fight from the start by throwing combinations behind a solid jab attack. He controlled the fight and was the continual aggressor. He won a unanimous decision!

Simon’s fight was scratched due to his opponent being too heavy on the scale. He was a team player and supported the other boxers in their fights. Everyone had a great time and this will go in the books as one of our most fun road trips.