Duluth/ Superior Boxing Promoter Chuck Horton

Most people could tell you that Duluth forms and Superior, Wisconsin combine to form a metro area commonly reffered to as the Twin Ports. These two urban spaces share the Duluth–Superior harbor. Together, Duluth and Superior, constitute the Great Lakes’ largest port as they are hubs for shipping grain, coal, and taconite. But a lot of people might not know that it also home to the some of the finest boxers ever to come out of Minnesota or Wisconsin. In todays blog I will discuss one of these boxers and tell you how it happened:

How it Began

When I first started promoting boxing in Minnesota and Wisconsin, Zach and I did a lot of gorilla marketing to bring attention to our boxing program. But we were still untested as a brand and we decided to take some road fights to prove ourselves. We formed a plan and started contacting other “ Boxing Promoters “ in the United States. We soon received some opportunities to fight in other Cities in front of out of town crowds. It was very effective and we grew our fan base and soon were selling out venues on both sides of Lake Superior. 

Here is a video of Zach “ The Jungle Boy “ Walters entering the ring before a fight:

Here is one of the first road fights that helped the casual boxing fan from the Twin ports area to take notice of what we were trying to accomplish. Zach and I were not some flash in the pan. The below fight took place in Tacoma, Washington at the Emerald Queen Casino. Zach’s opponent was Josue Cielos from the Tacoma area and he was the hometown favorite. It was the first time Zach was booed on his was into the Ring. Zach went to work right away and won by first round knock out. The fans that booed Zach on his way into the ring, now wanted his autograph. Here is a video from this fight:


Tommy Brunnette Gives Us a Shot

With the a few more fights we started to get notice from another boxing promoter named Tommy Brunnette.  Tommy was from ST. Paul, Minnesota and I respected what he had done for his boxers and his city.  Tommy and I were in negotiations to have him come on board and help manage Zach’s career. Sadly, Tommy passed away from heart trouble the very night that Zach Walters fought Mike Woods a show that Tommy and his Brothers promoted:

Zach Walters opened the door for a lot of my other fighters to walk through. I am grateful for his effort and his loyalty. I now work for him and I will do the best job that I am capable of doing, just like he did every time he stepped into the ring.