Amateur Boxing Report from January 17th

As a long-time boxing coach and trainer, Chuck Horton is proud to see youth such as Evan and Danny excelling in the ring. Jungle Boy Boxing Gym is a place for children to gain valuable lessons they can take with them down the road of life.

Jungle Boy Boxing Gym had two young boxers on the Hibbing Homecoming Boxing show last weekend; Evan Wrazidlo and Danny Huffman. At our gym we see competition as the way for our boxers to further develop the skills we teach them in the gym. A boxing match is the truest measure in the art of boxing and we enjoy testing our boxers to help them perfect their skills. This was also the first boxing trip with our newest coach, Mike Bockovich. It was a throwback moment for Mike as he had his first amateur boxing match in Hibbing at the Golden Gloves tournament long ago. Back then there were many boxing clubs in the area and the Golden Gloves tournament was a two day event! He smiled as he reminisced with us on the way up about his memories from the ring and what he gained from his experience in boxing. Mike gave wise counsel to the boxers and helped them get their minds right before their matches. Mike is new to coaching, but no stranger to the fight game. This was a fun road trip with the team and we are looking forward to more trips with Mike Bockovich in the future.

Danny was first up. This was his first match of his amateur boxing career and he had been looking forward to this day since he started at the gym. Danny was a bundle of nerves coupled with aggressive determination. Across the ring from him was a fellow debut boxer from Hibbing with an equal suit of hard work and preparation behind his punches. The bell rang for the first round and Danny went right to work. He crashed into his opponent with wild combinations, but eventually got back to the game plan of working behind a stiff jab. Mid way through the first round his opponent’s nose started to bleed pretty badly and blood sprinkled around the ring. This continued the entire fight and made for a gruesome site. *One thing to note that fighters understand is just because you nose is bleeding it doesn’t mean you’re hurt. It’s just a bit messy.  The second round was more of the same from Danny. He worked behind his jab and controlled the fight, but his opponent started to find a home for his overhand right on Danny’s face. Danny’s head snapped back a few times, but he weathered the shots and kept control of the fight with good jab work punctuated by a slamming right hand. Having great punching power has started to come out as one of his traits in the ring. In the final round, both boxers went for broke. It was a round to be remembered. Back and forth went the fight the entire time. At the final bell, both boxers were spent and embraced with respect for one another. The judges made the call and Danny’s hand was raised in victory. What a great start for his boxing career! You can bet that these two will meet again down the road. Congrats to both on a great fight.

Both these boxers, Evan and Danny, gained more than just wins in the ring. They gained valuable lessons they can take with them down the road of life. That’s the Art of Boxing.

Both these boxers, Evan and Danny, gained more than just wins in the ring. They gained valuable lessons they can take with them down the road of life. That’s the Art of Boxing.

Evan was up next. He was matched with a rangy boxer from Community Boxing Club in Wisconsin.  It was his first fight 2015, but his 5th since coming back to boxing. Evan’s return to boxing has been anything but easy. He has had to persevere through some tough fights and took a few losses that could have easily gone his way. Did he give up? No. He kept showing up to the gym and working on his craft. Evan’s fight last weekend was another tough match, but Evan showed up with a winner’s mindset. It was an interesting night for us as Evan seemed very passive in warm ups. He looked sleepy and not into things, but when it came time to fight he put on a great display of punches.  He took to action the first round with shuffling footwork coupled with fast counter punching combinations. Between the punch exchanges he used his jab to keep control of the match. This style of boxing is very fitting for Evan’s southpaw stance and his skills are really starting to shine. Each round was more of the same. Evan used his jab to maneuver his opponent around and elusively countered with combinations. It was a beautiful fight. Both boxers were game, but Evan was a little sharper in each exchange. At the final bell the decision looked clear, but we had to wait for the judge’s final assessment of Evan’s work. We’d been through this before and didn’t want to be disappointed again. The boxers came to the middle of the ring and Evan got his hand raised in victory! Nothing comes easy in boxing and that made this win feel great for Evan. We are very proud of his continual hard work in the gym and look forward to what’s ahead for him.

These are the kind of stories we are dedicated to at Jungle Boy Boxing Gym. Along with teaching the art of boxing we also strive to teach young people valuable life lessons. For Danny it was a lesson of getting over his nerves to gain victory over an equally prepared boxer. For Evan it was a lesson about the payoffs of perseverance and not giving up when things don’t go his way. Both these boxers gained more than just wins in the ring. They gained valuable lessons they can take with them down the road of life. That’s the Art of Boxing.

Author: Zach Walters