Aidan Guthrie Boxes for Gold


Aidan Guthrie has been boxing for roughly 6 years now. He has piled up a good resume of boxing fights and grown into a solid boxer in the super heavyweight division (201 lbs +). This year he started the year with a goal to box in the Golden Gloves Tournament. He has been dedicated to his training and the work has shown in his boxing performances.

Last weekend was the Region 2 tournament in St Paul. Aidan showed up ready to compete, but had an easy night for himself as his opponent, Eric Rasmussen, couldn’t make the weigh ins due to a scheduling conflict with his job. Aidan had boxed Eric on our last home show in Duluth and the two were looking forward to another battle in the ring, but life happens and the two didn’t meet.

Aidan was crowned Region 2 Super Heavyweight Champion and will compete in the next round of the tournament April 23 in Walker MN at the Northern Light Casino. The tournament is called the Upper Midwest Golden Gloves Championships and will have champions from regions 1 – 4 competing for their chance to compete at the National Golden Gloves Tournament of Champions in Salt Lake City, UT.

This year the Super Heavyweight class is a group of new faces. Aidan will be putting his skills to the test against equally new contenders, but do not underestimate these boxers. Each have earned their place in the Upper Midwest Golden Gloves Tournament and each will be fighting their way to the next level.

Good Luck Aidan!