About Chuck Horton

Chuck Horton currently serves as the head trainer and advisor for professional boxers at Jungle Boy Boxing in Duluth, Minnesota. Chuck has long been involved with the sport of boxing. As a child Chuck learned the art of boxing from his father who was committed to improving the lives of children from his community.

After returning from the military, Chuck founded Horton’s gym as a means to teach troubled youth to defend themselves and build their self-confidence. However, some of these kids began to see remarkable success in the amateur ranks, and decided to pursue a professional boxing career. He then served as the boxers’ advisor, trainer, and promoter.
Chuck Horton’s efforts were largely responsible in bringing professional boxing to Duluth. In the last two decades, Boxing has grown to become a staple to the Duluth community it is today. Chuck Horton has helped manage and train some of the region’s most prominent fighters such as Al Sands, Zach Walters, and Andy Kolle. His boxers have been featured on ESPN, Showtime, Pay-Per-View, and Fox Sports North.

In addition to working with boxers, Chuck Horton also helps professional, college, and aspiring athletes on endurance training. If you think you are in great shape, simply attend a single workout with Chuck Horton to learn how much more fit you could be.

Chuck Horton decided to hand the keys of Horton’s Gym to Zach Walters, one of the most loyal and successful of Chuck’s boxers. Chuck remembers Zach helping him pass out flyers, and promote Duluth boxing in the early days. Although the gym now belongs to Zach, Chuck Horton is still active in the Duluth Boxing scene. He still helps train professional boxers, and sees the gym as safe-haven for troubled youth.

Chuck’s primary motivation is to empower children who are afflicted with troubling situations, and, by doing this, to empower the entire Duluth community. He hopes that he can create a safe environment for troubled children and women, and build up their self-confidence.

Testimonial from Michael Talberg

To the person considering learning The Art of Boxing:

My name is Michael Talberg. I met Chuck Horton in September of 2003 as a junior undergraduate student at UMD. Chuck allowed me the privilege of joining Hortorfs Gym at a time when he was focusing on his professional boxers and a handful of seasoned amateurs. I am forever grateful for the experiences I had and the lessons I learned as a young man being taught the art of boxing.

Boxing is an excellent vehicle for any young person looking to make a positive change in his or her life. As a student of Chuck Horton, you will be taught about how to thrive inside the gym as well as outside the gym. Chuck is a caring, compassionate man who teaches his students life lessons from the wisdom he has accumulated over his lifetime. To this day, I still look to Chuck as a mentor.

The most important lesson I learned as a boxer was how I react when the going gets difficult. You will discover things about yourself as a student of boxing you never knew. You will know how to work your way through any challenging situation. You will also learn the value of hard work… and see how it pays off. For those who are willing to work hard, the results will be immediate and long lasting: increased strength and endurance, earned self-confidence and discipline.

I will graduate from the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry in 2017. I plan on serving in the United States Navy Dental Corps as a Dental Officer. The road to becoming a doctor has been riddled with challenges and setbacks. Dental school is very demanding. Having the experience of facing challenges and setbacks in the boxing gym has properly prepared me to reach my goals in the face of difficulty.

Chuck Horton cares about his students. Being a boxing student of his was foundational to my success in life. Anyone willing to learn what this man teaches and put in the hard work and dedication it takes to succeed in the gym will have the tools go on and achieve success in his or her life outside the gym as I have. You will become a better human being when you lean the art of boxing from Chuck Horton.
I owe a special thanks to both Chuck Horton and Zach Walters for contributing to the personal and professional success I am experiencing now.

– Michael Talberg UMN School of Dentistry 2017 talb0033@urnr.edu