2016 Ringside World Championships

Coming up in a couple short weeks is the 2016 Ringside World Championships. Evan Wrazidlo, Jesse Walters, and Simon Walters will be entering the tournament to make their first charge at being a world champion. It’s a big deal to have boxers in Duluth with credentials worthy of making their mark at this level. All three of three boxers have competed at the national level so they know what their getting into. Having a team like this has been something Zach Walters has been looking forward to since he started coaching. It’s been 5 short years since Chuck Horton passed the gym over to Walters. Chuck Horton is happy to see the success of Jungle Boy Boxing Gym and sees each of these boxers worthy of participation in the Ringside World Championships

The tournament takes place in Independence, MO at the Silverstein Eye Center Arena. This tournament is one of the biggest around. There will be 6 rings of boxing going on at the same time and there are over 1,500 athlete entries from all over the world.

Here’s a bit about the team we are bringing down:

The boxers heading down to the Ringside World Championships are not just good boxers, they are also good kids that, good students, and are growing into young leaders. They stay out of trouble and have learned to apply lessons learned through boxing to their lives outside of the ring. They encompass the mission statement of the Jungle Boy Boxing Gym. They have used the Art of Boxing to better their lives and live healthy. Our goal is to keep these kids motivated in the sport by providing them with new challenges to overcome. These kids have become national caliber boxers and in doing so they have earned the opportunity to enter tournaments like the Ringside World Championships.

Jesse Walters will enter the 119lbs Junior Open Division for 15 and 16 year old boxers. This is Jesse’s 4thyear of boxing and he’s been competing steadily in tournaments and club shows around the region. Like Evan, Jesse has twice boxed his way to the national level through advancing tournaments. Jesse has 34 fight of experience and has continued to improve every year. He was one of the first to sign up for the Tomorrow’s Champions competition team and enjoys pushing himself with increased levels of competition.

Evan Wrazidlo will be boxing in the 145lbs Junior Open Division which is for 15 and 16 year old boxers. Evan boxed for a couple years when he was 8 years old at Horton’s Gym and then took a break from the sport. He came back at 14 years old and has kept busy ever since. Right now Evan has boxed 23 time since his return and within those fights boxed his way through to the national level twice in advancing tournaments. He is part of the Tomorrow’s Champions competition team and has competed with some of the best competition around.

Simon Walters will be entering in the 95lbs Intermediate Novice Division which is for 13 and 14 year old boxers. Simon is in the novice division because he only has 10 fights under his belt, but don’t let that fool you. Simon is a fierce competitor and has 3 years of experience in the sport. Simon boxed his way to the 2016 Silver Gloves nationals and was the 2016 MN Jr Olympic Champion. To have these credentials with less than 10 fights is impressive. Simon is on the Tomorrow’s Champions competition team as well.

These boxers have the skills to win their divisions and they are working hard every day to fulfill their potential. Our next task is to bridge the financial gap to get them to the tournament. The gym runs on a shoe string budget and the summer time gets real tight to keep the gym afloat. Getting Evan, Jesse, and Simon to the Ringside World Championships is beyond what the gym can afford to pay for so we need your help. The boxers are doing what they can to raise money to cover as much of trip as possible. If we all work together we can help these kids on their way.

The cost breakdown is below. We are running the trip lean as possible to make it possible to go.

Entry Fee: $120 (40 per boxer)
Gas: $400 estimated (588 miles x 2 + tournament commute)
Hotel: 25th – 30th x 2 rooms = $1020
Food for the team: $500 estimated ($100/day)
Total: $2040

Help support our team get to the Ringside World Championships!
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