2016 National Silver Gloves Trip: Part 2

silvergloves2016-2Evan and Simon boxed well, but didn’t take home the national championship like we had hoped.

Simon was up first and boxed the #3 rated boxer in his weight division. Simon listened well and boxed a really competitive fight. Each round was close, and it was clear Simon took the second. The first and third rounds were a coin toss. This was a very good showing for his first time at nationals.

Evan boxed late in the day. His match started at about 11:45 Thursday night. We’d been on the go since 5:00 AM. That didn’t stop Evan from shining in an excellent boxing performance. He stared the first round behind a good jab and circled to pick his combinations. His opponent was loading up on big shots, but Evan was able to make him miss most of them and landed solid counter punches of his own. First round was close, and Evan clearly won the second round. The fight came down to the third round. Evan controlled the ring, but didn’t get off enough punches to convince the judges. Evan lost a close one.

Both boxers made a good showing and conducted themselves like top notch athletes. The trip was a great learning experience for them. Any time a boxer participates in a national competition there are many lessons to take away. Nationals is the cream of the crop, and any match at that level is as tough as it’s ever going to be.

Competition at this level opens a boxer’s eyes to what’s possible in boxing. It raises personal expectations for what they can become and how they should box. The more exposure a boxer gets to the best, the better he becomes.

What a great trip.