2016 Junior Olympic State Tournament Results


Pictured left to right: Simon Walters, Evan Wrazidlo, Coach Bocko, Jesse Walters, Danny Huffman, and Zach Walters

Evan Wrazidlo, Jesse Walters, and Simon Walters of Jungle Boy Boxing Gym are the 2016 Junior Olympic State Champions. Evan Walters won a unanimous decision over Ronny Hullet from Leech Lake, MN. Evan and Ronnie have squared off a few times before and every time they meet it’s a good fight. Evan used good footwork and punching from a distance to secure his victory. Evan used a combination of speed to the head and power to the body when setting up his punches. The ref jumped in to give Ronny several 8-counts, but Ronny never gave up. He boxed tough till the final bell. Evan showed maturity and poise in his fight. He looks more like a national caliber boxer every time he steps in the ring. Jesse Walters won a unanimous decision over Matt Umland of Verndale, MN. It was the first time Jesse and Matt squared off so it was interesting to see how the fight was going to go. Jesse started behind a snappy jab and set up powerful combinations when he was able to trap Matt along the ropes. Matt showed toughness as he endured several 8-counts under the pressure of Jesse’s fists, but he didn’t give up. It was a good match. Simon Walters won by TKO in the second round over Anthony Katsmerick of Proctor, MN. The fight started out with Anthony changing in with combinations. Simon weathered the storm and started setting up powerful counter punches to the head a body of Anthony. By the end of the round Simon had control of the fight. In the second round, Anthony was more hesitant on his attacks which let Simon take the initiative to push the action. Mid way through the round, Simon trapped Anthony along the ropes with a 7-punch combination and the ref jumped in to deliver an 8-count. By the end of the count Anthony was unable to continue and the fight was shut down. All three boxers will advance to the 4-State Tournament in Racine, WI to compete with state champions from Iowa, Wisconsin, and Nebraska. The competition is tougher each step of the tournament, but these boys continue to improve. These guys are “Tomorrow’s Champions” for a reason!