2-0 Sweep to Start the Season in Wadena

wadena1Jungle Boy Boxing Gym starts the 2016 year off with a 2-0 sweep in Wadena. The wins didn’t come easy though.

Jared Knutson started with a strong first round. In the second round, his opponent charged him from the bell behind a combination of bombs. Jared weathered the storm and finished the round with solid combinations of his own. The third round was another tough round as Jared had to dig deep to find the energy to keep the fight in his favor. It was back and forth to the bell! Judges ruled a unanimous decision in Jared’s favor!!!

Danny Huffman warmed up as Jared boxed and two fights later he was ready to step in for the main event. Danny started the action behind a stiff jab and circled his opponent as he picked open spots to land combinations. The action picked up in the second round as both boxers found openings for punishing combinations. They took turns driving each other back to the ropes behind vicious punches. In the third round Danny started fast and brought the pressure. He continued to press the action to close another close round. Danny wrapped up with a nice flurry of shots as the final bell rang. The judges ruled a spot decision in his favor. Both boxers decided the fight was a coin toss do they will do it again in March at the Jack O’Brian Boxing Invitational.

All in all it was a fun start to another great year of boxing. Another fun road trip in the books!!!