About Duluth Boxing

Zach Walters and Chuck Horton have been partners in boxing since the summer of 2000. Zach Walters graduated high school from Fergus Falls, MN and wanted to continue his boxing career into his college years. He had boxed 4 years as an amateur boxer prior to training under Chuck Horton. From here Zach Walters’ career sprang forward to new heights. Zach Walters took a second trip to the USA National Tournament at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs and the same year won the Upper Midwest Golden Gloves Championship.

The following year, Chuck Horton branched out to start working with professional boxers. Zach Walters wanted to do the same, but as a fighter. In the summer of 2002, Zach Walters made his professional debut and assumed the ring name “Jungle Boy”. Both Chuck and Zach were new to the professional boxing scene, but each made up for their lack in experience with tenacity and hours of hard work.

Together, Zach Walters and Chuck Horton pioneered professional boxing back into Duluth and the Twin Ports area. In doing so Zach Walters became a consistent headlining boxer in Minnesota and grew to become a household name. Zach Walters captured the Minnesota State Title, the NABA-US Title, and the WBC-African Boxing Union Title. His world rank was 12 in the world and is final professional boxing record was 25-5 19KO.

After Zach Walters hung up the gloves he started a career in the insurance business and returned to Horton’s Gym to help Chuck Horton train boxers. Chuck Horton was proud to see his star fighter giving back to the up and coming boxers at the gym. It was what he always wanted. Shortly after Zach Walters started helping out at the gym Chuck Horton turned the gym over to him and stepped back. Chuck Horton remained a source of wise council for Zach Walters for the next 3 years, but eventually came back to train boxers at Jungle Boy Boxing Gym. By this time Zach Walters had started a successful boxing promotions company along with owning and running Jungle Boy Boxing Gym. The show business side of boxing became so successful Zach Walters needed help keeping up quality of training for his boxers. This was when he turned to Chuck Horton for help. The addition of Chuck Horton not only helped take some weight off Zach Walters, but also elevated the quality of boxing in the gym.

The partnership in training carried on though 2014 and into 2015. At this time the gym returned to a focus on developing an amateur boxing team. Chuck Horton’s involvement at the gym returned to being a mentor for the coaches there and supplemental training for the boxers from time to time. 2015 was also the start of a new coach, Mike Bockovich. Mike Bockovich had been training at the gym as a fitness boxer, but carried a wealth of boxing knowledge from back when he was a Golden Gloves boxer. Chuck Horton and Zach Walters mentored him along throughout the year to bring out the special things that made Mike Bockovich a successful competitor. Now Mike Bockovich and Zach Walters are the primary trainers at Jungle Boy Boxing Gym. The coaching staff wouldn’t be complete without Bob “Bing Bang” Pritz who has always been in the picture. Bing Bang is a long time boxing coach and spends every free moment in the gym.

Chuck Horton has made a lasting impression on the boxing scene in Duluth and at Jungle Boy Boxing Gym. He continues to help out at Jungle Boy Boxing Gym with coaching the competition boxers and makes time to continue mentoring Zach Walters in his role as the owner of a boxing gym. There are some promising boxers coming up through Jungle Boy Boxing Gym and the future is wide open for what’s to come.